Danny Jacobs

San Francisco

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wearables: moto 360 smart watch

The Moto 360 smart watch was the first Android Wear device with a round display. The watch faces were designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers while reinforcing Motorola's brand language. Developing personalization features was a key component of the product strategy. Users are able to select options for all display components, add their own photo backgrounds, and configure interactive features.



mobile: moto display and moto voice

Moto Display and Moto Voice both debuted on the first generation Moto X smart phone, Motorola's first device released as a Google company. Moto Display allows users to view time and notifications without waking the device. Moto Voice enables voice control without touching the phone. The visual design of both features needed to be robust while adhering to strict power consumption constraints.



mobile: motorola circles widget

The circles widget was the hero feature designed to differentiate Motorola products from competitors in the retail environment and entice consumers to interact with them. It shipped as standard on all top-tier devices. The 3D widget features interactive discs that allow users to cycle through display options.



branding: Motorola wallpapers

Mobile device wallpapers provide a dual purpose. They serve as a key brand touch point while also showcasing the fidelity and color quality of the display hardware. A unique curated set of wallpapers shipped on all Moto X, Moto G and Moto E units and were featured in advertising globally.



mobile: Motorola fit

Motorola Fit is a handset-based wellness app designed to be fun and approachable. The scrolling card interface allowed for a scalable design that evolved as the application's feature set grew. The background illustrations changed with time of day, and the milestone achievement cards varied based on locale.



identity: Jamba Juice

The project covered print and identity elements for Jamba Juice as part of a comprehensive brand update. These included new gift cards, carriers and apparel, as well as corporate presentation templates, desktop backgrounds and letterhead and spreadsheet templates. Custom illustrations were used for in-store promotions.



web site: Scion Configurator

This configuration tool simulates a car in constant motion — traveling through urban settings, highways and a race course. It allows multiple points of view inside and outside the vehicle. Changes in environment or time day effect interior/exterior lights, surface renderings, highlights and shadows. Users can control car systems including the stereo, windows, sunroof, windshield wipers and mirrors.



web site: Adobe Marketplace

Adobe Marketplace is a central resource for third party applications, plug-ins and ancillary tools for use with Adobe products, as well as information on training, seminars, and user group events. A self-service web interface allows developers to manage their profile and applications as well as view download statistics, ratings and reviews through an application dashboard.